Win INSTA-WIN™ Prizes

✓ Create Excitement
✓ Drive Volume
✓ Easy to Win
✓ Easy to Execute
✓ Easy to Communicate

Welcome to INSTA-WIN™


Use the patented INSTA-WIN™ delivery mechanism to drive sales in vending and retail channels. We deliver all sorts of great prizes – T-shirts, tickets, coupons, iPhones, gift cards, and anything that will fit within the package to be vended. These are randomly seeded in vending machines, or in multi unit retail packages. Each prize package also contains cash or a coupon so winners can still buy the snack or beverage product they wanted. It’s simple – people love to win – so they put more money in the machines, and the inventory turns more quickly!

Easy to Customize Programs

INSTA-WIN™ offers in-stock and custom programs for many major beverage and snack brands. These create a “buzz” and generate new customer trials at college, workplace, health care and other key accounts. Minimum is only 144 units.

Easy to Create Excitement

INSTA-WIN™ generates excitement for consumers with its creative packaging and prize options. A trade overlay can be used to incentivize delivery drivers.

Easy to Execute

INSTA-WIN™ provides all the elements needed for your program. Route driver seeds prize bottles and places snipes during routine restocking.